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Why Slate Roofs Are Still a Popular Choice

In today’s blog, we’re going to be looking at why slate roofs are still a popular choice for homeowners in the UK. Learn how slate is made, the features of slate roofs and what other roof tile options are available too.

Why Slate Roofs Are Still A Popular Choice

Slate roofs have been around for centuries, and it’s easy to see why they remain so popular today. Not only are slate roofs incredibly long-lasting and durable, but they can also add a classic, rustic aesthetic to any property.

Slate roofs are made from natural stone, meaning they are incredibly strong and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions, making them perfect for the unpredictable British climate. They are also incredibly low maintenance; they don’t require painting or other regular treatments, and they don’t need to be replaced as often as other roofing materials.

Slate roofs are also known for their attractive appearance. They can be used to create a traditional look or to modernise a property with a contemporary feel. They also come in a variety of colours, from grey to charcoal, so you can easily find a slate roof that complements the style of your home.

In addition, slate roofs are extremely energy-efficient, helping to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. This can help to save you money on your energy bills.

Overall, it’s easy to see why slate roofs are still so popular in the UK. They are incredibly long-lasting, low maintenance and energy-efficient, and can add a touch of sophistication and style to any property.

If you’re looking to get a slate roof installed on your property, give us a call at Dalton Roofing and we’ll head out to inspect your roof and offer some friendly advice.

In the video below, Phil Dalton explains how to use second-hand Welsh Slate to reroof a stable block. 

What is slate and how are they manufactured for roof tiles?

Slate is a type of fine-grained, foliated metamorphic rock that has been used for centuries to construct roofs. It is highly durable, fire-resistant and aesthetically pleasing, making it an ideal choice for roof tiles.

Slate for roof tiles is usually sourced from quarries, where it is cut into thin slabs. These slabs are then cut into the desired shapes and sizes for the roof tiles. The tiles are then sorted and graded according to their size and quality. Once they have been sorted and graded, they are ready to be installed.

Slate roof tiles are renowned for their durability, as they can last for many decades without needing to be replaced. They are also resistant to wind, rain, and hail, making them an excellent choice for protecting your home. Slate roof tiles also resist fire, making them a safer option than other roofing materials.

Slate roof tiles are also highly attractive, coming in a range of colours and textures that can add a unique touch to your home. They are also relatively easy to install, making them a great DIY project for those looking to save on installation costs.

And speaking of DIY, you can learn how to cut roof slate to make repairs at home b watching the following video:

4 Advantages of Slate Roof Tiles

Here, we briefly explain the advantages of slate for roof tiles.

  1. Durability: Slate roof tiles are incredibly durable and can last for up to a century in some cases. This makes them a great long-term investment as they require minimal maintenance and are resistant to weather, pests and fire.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Slate roof tiles come in a variety of shades and textures, allowing you to choose the perfect roof for your home. They can also be cut and shaped to fit any roof design, giving you the freedom to create a truly unique and attractive roof.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Slate roof tiles are made from natural materials, making them environmentally friendly. They are also recyclable, helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.
  4. Cost: Slate roof tiles are more expensive than other roofing options, but they are a great long-term investment due to their durability and environmental sustainability.

Overall, Slate is an excellent choice for roof tiles due to its durability, fire resistance, and aesthetic appeal. It is a great way to protect your home and add a unique touch to its exterior. Get in touch with Dalton Roofing for more information.

What other roof tile options are available?

Are you considering a new roof for your home? There are many different types of roof tiles available to match the style and design of your home. Here is a look at some of the most popular types of roof tiles available:

  • Clay Plain Tiles: Clay Plain Tiles are a classic roofing choice for many homes. These tiles have a timeless look that will never go out of style. They are made from natural clay and are highly durable and weather-resistant, making them a great choice for any home.
  • Concrete Roof Tiles: Concrete Roof Tiles are a great choice for those looking for a low-maintenance roofing option. These tiles are made from a mix of sand and cement and are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They are also fire-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • 20-20 Interlocking Tiles: 20-20 Interlocking Tiles are a great option for those looking for a cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing roofing option. These tiles are made from lightweight, durable plastic and feature an interlocking design for easy installation. They are also resistant to fire, wind, and hail, making them a great choice for any home.

For more information on 20-20 interlocking tiles, check out the video below and watch as Phil and his son Daniel reroof a house with them. 

And that’s all for this week’s blog on why slate roofs are still a popular choice. Don’t forget, you can call Dalton Roofing and we’ll be happy to carry out any roof repair or even install a completely new roof for you.