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Why is gutter maintenance so important?

In our experience, many people don’t think about using a guttering service until there’s a problem with the system. These issues can include overflowing gutters, blocked gutters and leaking problems. But often by then, damage is already being done to the property.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about common problems that occur with guttering and how the team at Dalton Roofing can help you maintain them, saving you hundreds, possibly even thousands, in the long run.

Here, can find our Phil explaining why it’s important to maintain your gutters.

Common Problems With Guttering

Now, let’s have a look at some common problems caused by blocked or damaged gutters.

Clogging of Gutters

Clogged gutters are common bothers faced by homeowners. It’s easy for debris, twigs and leave to accumulate, stopping the flow of water to the outlet. This means the gutter can’t drain properly, which can result in major problems down the line.

It’s essential to services you clogged gutters and remove this build-up of debris. In the video below, you can find Phil dealing with a customer’s clogged guttering system in Sheffield.

Gutters Sagging Away

Your gutters are connected to your property by hangers. But when the guttering is full of waste, debris and water, they become much heavier than they should be, often causing them to pull away from the house and sag. Fortunately, this isn’t a hard issue to solve. They can be fastened back on after the gutters have been cleaned.

No Gutters

As crazy as it seems, we’ve seen many houses and commercial buildings with missing or no guttering at all. This lack of adequate guttering system means that water running off the roof will cause damage to the foundation of the property. In this instance, we recommend getting a new system installed immediately.

Leaking Gutters

A leaking gutter is a useless gutter. If you notice water spilling out from any point of your system then you really need your gutters servicing right away. It’s certainly possible to repair a leaking gutter yourself by using gutter sealents or patches. But if you prefer the services of a professional, then get in touch with Dalton Roofing instead.

Here you can see how a leaking gutter has caused water to spill everywhere.

Guttering Service Case Study

It is easy to think that blocked gutters can’t do much harm to your home. But the truth is that the damage can create a lot of problems for homeowners by causing damage to the structure of a building.

We recently took a call from a customer in Rotherham who complained of a blocked gutter. The blockage caused water to pond in the gutter, which eventually blew onto the facia, making the paint bubble and peel. This led to water getting beneath the paint, rotting the facia entirely.

Then, water continue to lead town the walls of the house, creating a thick layer of moss. Moss is a huge problem as it stores moisture, causing erosion to brickwork, concrete and stonework. Moss can even erode the mortar joints, damaging the integrity of the building too. Not to mention the ugly disfigurement it causes to the building materials. 

You can see an example of how water has damaged brickwork in the video below.

Fortunately, we were able to repair the gutter and remove the moss before it damaged the property further. But this case study is an example of why it’s important to get your gutters serviced regularly.

Get in touch with Dalton Roofing to get your gutters services in the Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and High Peaks areas of South Yorkshire.

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