What Are 20/20 Tiles?

20-20 Interlocking Tiles Explained

A tile that is affordable, easy to install, durable, eco-friendly and available in a wide range of colours seems almost too good to be true. However, it is true. And today, we’re going to be talking about 20-20 interlocking tiles; what are they, how do they work and why are they so popular? 

What are 20-20 tiles?

20-20 interlocking roof tiles are modern upgrades on traditional plain tiles. They use a modern interlocking system that provides superior flexibility and improves performance. Made from natural alluvial Humber clay, 20-20 tiles are as durable as tiles come and built to last a lifetime.

As you can see in the video, Phil Dalton is in the middle of reroofing a house in Sheffield with 20-20 interlocking tiles.

The Features of 20-20 Interlocking Tiles

The innovative 20/20 tile is a new, modern tile that has allowed us to create more affordable roofing whilst maintaining quality. Let’s have a look at how they work:


Because 20-20 tiles are interlocking, they significantly reduce the time it takes to fit on a roof. This means less time spent fitting the roof tiles, reducing labour costs and making your new roof much more affordable. 


20-20 tiles are designed to endure harsh weather and dramatic changes in season. They are made using ceramic technology on the clay, making them incredibly durable and weather resistant. 


Not only are 20-20 clay tiles low in cost but they are attractive to the eye too. The irregularity of clay makes for a charming aesthetic while the interlocking functions help them maintain a smart, uniform look.

As you can see from the picture below, 20-20 tiles make a great addition to any roof.

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It’s also possible to get 20-20 interlocking roof tiles in a wide range of colours. These include natural red, antique slate and natural slate.


20-20 tiles are incredibly eco-friendly. Not only have been found to use 50% less CO2 when compared with traditional plain clay tiles, but they can cut the number or battens required per square metre by up to 60%. This reduces both the number of materials needed and lorry use significantly. 

Innovative Design

Their innovative design of 20-20 interlocking tiles means they can perform at pitches of down to 15°. This makes them a great choice on low pitched roofs.

Installing 20-20 Interlocking Tiles

If you’re looking to get your roof retiles, you may wish to consider 20-20 interlocking clay tiles. Our team of roofers cover the Chesterfield, Sheffield, Rotherham or The Peak District areas. So give us a call today and we’ll be with you in a flash.