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The Ways in Which Snow Can Damage Your Roof

Throughout the whole of the UK, and in particular Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and The Peak District, we have seen huge amounts of snow over the past week or so. Snow always results in a high number of calls for us, as there are several roofing issues snow can cause.

People don’t always know that snow can cause issues related to their roofing system, so here are some of the problems snow can cause:

  • As snow settles on your roof and heat rises out the house via the roof, the heat melts the bottom layer of snow causing the top layer to slip down the roof. When the sliding snow reaches the eaves and edge of the roof, there is no heat being released anymore so the snow freezes again. This causes a build up of snow and the melted snow then refreezes, bonding the slates and tiles into one big block.
    The problem with this big block of bonded tiles and gathered snow, is the weight of the snow and ice can break off the bottom course of tiles. Needless to say, you don’t want to be stood outside your house when this happens!

In order to prevent being in this situation, you should try to remove as much snow as you can from your roof. However, PLEASE refer to: on how to go about doing this safely.

  • Another issue we often get called out to after severe snowfall is leaks. The snow that is just sitting on your rooftop causes ice dams. See our blog post “The Outcome Of Harsh Weather Conditions On Your Roof” for more information on ice dams. Ice dams are the main reason for leaks in the roof, so please have a read of the blog post above.

If you’re in need of our help after all this snow, don’t hesitate to call us. Not only do we cater for the Peak District, but we also cover Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and other surrounding areas. Call us on 0114 2799 799 today, don’t let the problem get worse!