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Prolong Your Roof’s Life by Removing Moss

There are many people out there who aren’t aware of the dangers of moss until something bad happens. When we say “something bad” we are talking about leaks, cracked roof tiles and blocked gutters. Most people feel moss gives their home a more traditional look, but underneath this, there is a lot of damage taking place.

The key issue we often see with moss is leaks. Allowing moss to remain on your roof results in any water that is retained in the moss eventually rotting through the roof materials, and then causing severe damage and leaks into the property. Your roof in constantly wet when there is moss and during the winter months, this can cause problems such as cracked tiles as the water freezes.

As for your gutters, we often find blocked gutter systems due to moss. The blockages don’t allow water to drain from the roof and property, therefore we are called out to clear the blockage.

To sum up, to prevent having major structural issues with your home, make sure you clear away any moss and prevent it from coming back. To go about preventing moss, we advise carrying out regular cleaning checks on your roof. This includes leaves, debris and general sludge, as these are perfect places for moss to grow.

If you do happen to have a problem with moss already, you should remove it as soon as possible. Moss is pretty easy to remove as there are no roots to it, however, do be careful as if you pull too hard you could break a tile. Once all the moss is removed there are several moss killing solutions out there, we advise to try to use these as they will stop the moss from returning.

If you are not comfortable with removing the moss yourself, feel free to give us a call on 0114 2799 799 or visit our property repairs page for Sheffield and the surrounding areas.


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