Prolong Your Roof’s Life by Removing Moss

Many property owners aren’t aware of the dangers of moss on roof tiles until something goes wrong. And by “going wrong,” we mean leaking roofs, cracked tiles and blocked gutters. Some even welcome the sight of moss on the roof, owing to the fact it gives homes a “more traditional look.” But beneath that green moss, lots of damage is taking place.

How Moss Can Damage You Roof

The key issues we usually find with moss on the roof are leaks. Allowing moss to remain on your roof results in any water that’s retained by the moss eventually rotting through the roof materials. This then causes severe damage and leaks into the property.

Furthermore, if the roof is constantly wet through the winter months, this can cause problems such as cracked tiles as the water freezes. And as for your gutters, we often find them blocked with moss. Blockages prevent water from draining off your roof and property, which will eventually lead to mould and rot issues.

Removing Moss From Your Property

If you happen to have an issue with moss then you should get it removed as soon as possible. Moss isn’t actually that hard to remove as it has no roots. But you must prevent it from reappearing all over your roof. And make sure not to pull or clean too vigorously, otherwise, you can end up breaking a tile.

To remove moss by hand, head up onto your roof with a secure ladder. You can use a long-handled brush or even a trowel to pick away and dislodge the thick chunks of moss then remove it. Once you’ve got all the large chunks, you can discard them in your trash or add them to your compost heap.

Have a look through the video below to see Phil Dalton explaining the problems with moss on roofs and why it’s essential that you get it removed

Using Roof Moss Killer

Following that, you can use some biodegradable soap moss remover and spray it over the roof. Or try an industrial-strength moss and mould remover that kills the spores hiding in the cracks of your tiles. It’s important to attack those spores to prevent the moss from reappearing. So, a strong moss killer for your roof should do the business. 

Preventing Moss Growth

To prevent moss from coming back, it’s a good idea to make the environment as hostile to moss as possible. If you live in a particularly wooded area, it’s a good idea to stop branches overhanging the roof. This is because moss thrives in darker, damp spots, so it’s best to eliminate as many as possible.

You can also regularly use moss killing chemicals to attack regrowth. These moss killers are applied to the roof and can keep the property free of moss regrowth for up to three years.

Using Vinegar to Kill Moss

Another trick for keeping moss at bay is to use vinegar. You can pour or spray the full strength vinegar direct into the moss, leave it for ten minutes or so, and then scrape it off. Scrub off the excess moss with a hard brush and hose the remains clear.

Examples of Roof Moss

Check out the video below to see Phil Dalton and a great example of how moss shouldn’t look on a roof and what problems moss can cause.


To sum up, you can prevent having major structural issues with your home by making sure you clear away any moss on your roof and take steps to prevent it from coming back. To go about preventing moss on your roof, we advise carrying out regular cleaning checks on your property. This includes leaves, debris and general sludge, as these are perfect places for moss to grow.

Roof Moss Removal in Sheffield

If you’re not comfortable heading on the roof to remove moss yourself, feel free to give Dalton Roofing a call on 0114 2799 799. We carry out moss removal and all other kinds of roofing construction and repair in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham and the High Peak District.