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The benefits of dry ridges

Having been in the roofing industry for well over 20 years now, we have worked with almost every type of roofing material available. A recent and very popular product that is growing to be increasingly in demand is dry ridge roofing systems. Long Lasting The Dry Ridge system is a way of securing the ridge...


What are 20/20 tiles?

The innovative 20/20 tile is a new, modern tile that has allowed us to create more affordable roofing whilst maintaining quality. Affordable - The tile is interlocking, which significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to fit onto the roof. Needless to say, the less time spent on fitting the roof tiles, means the...


Factors to check when carrying out your yearly roof inspection

You will have no doubt seen our previous blog posts on roof inspections, and how important they are. Now we want to explain the most vital elements you should be checking during these yearly inspections. A good place to start is the guttering. It is very common for gutters to become blocked over long periods...


25% of heat in the home is lost through attics and lofts that aren't insulated!

Loft insulation is not always the first thing you think of when you have a cold house and high energy bills. However, it can make the world of a difference in keeping the house warm and cutting costs on the bills. According to Energy Saving Trust, it has been found that 25% of heat ecapes...


An explanation into various types of tiles available

You may be in need of a complete re-roof or perhaps you would just prefer something different for your roof. If this is the case, be sure to choose the right tiles for your home. Each various tile has it's advantages and disadvantages, so do your homework on the tiles and you should have yourself...


The ways in which snow can damage your roof

Throughout the whole of the UK, and in particular Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and The Peak District, we have seen huge amounts of snow over the past week or so. Snow always results in a high number of calls for us, as there are several roofing issues snow can cause. People don't always know that snow...


Did you know our roofing services also cover the Peak District?

Although we may be based in the east side of Sheffield, we do cover areas in the Peak District. Here is a list of some of the areas we provide our services to: Ashbourne Bakewell Bamford Bradwell Buxton Castleton Chatsworth Eyam Glossop Hathersage Hope Matlock A popular choice of roofing in the Peak District is...


Prolong your roof's life by removing moss

There are many people out there who aren't aware about the dangers of moss until something bad happens. When we say "something bad" we are talking about leaks, cracked roof tiles and blocked gutters. Most people feel moss gives their home a more traditional look, but underneath this there is a lot of damage taking...


Advice on how to stop lead theft

Across the UK, we have experienced rising numbers of lead thefts over the past few years. It is probably due to the fact that lead prices have risen so high lately. The main targets include churches, schools and other public buildings. These types of buildings are left at high risk of leaks and building issues...


How to discover your ideal roofing contractor

Over the last few years, the UK roofing industry has been hit hard with hundreds of scams taking place. Many people are aware of these scammers and it gives roofers, in general, a bad reputation. However, we aren't all here to rip people off and carry out unnecessary jobs. Not only have we experienced a...


The benefits and disadvantages of loft conversions

A loft doesn't have to be a dark and dingy place, it could be made into an extra bedroom or perhaps office space. Not only can you obtain an extra bedroom from a loft conversion, you will also be adding value to the home. Many people are put off having a loft conversion because of...


Health and Safety is our number one priority!

Here at Dalton Roofing, we make sure safety is always put first, no matter how small or big the job is. Roofers are constantly working at heights, which is a very dangerous act to attempt no matter if you are a professional or not. As we are a safety conscious team, we always use our...