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Is your roof missing tiles from the latest strong winds?

Last night was a struggle for many in Sheffield, as we tried to sleep through the roar of the strong winds! This morning we have been answering call after call from customers who have had slates and tiles blown off their roof. We write this post to let all you homeowners out there..


Short explanation into Stone Roofing

Stone roofing is durable, unique in appearance and versatile. It is a very popular choice of roofing material for properties in the Peak District, however if you are situated in an urban area, stone roofing will also look great and make your property stand out from the rest. Previously, we stated that stone roofs are...


We are now two days into Spring and it's snowing?

The UK has only just entered into the Spring season, so usually we would expect to see a little more sunshine (obviously only a little, we are in the UK!), and slightly higher temperatures, but no, we have snow and icy conditions! The picture to the right is what we took earlier this morning. The...


The Dalton Roofing team repaired this chimney

Towards then end of last year, we were called up by a worried customer from Hillsborough in Sheffield, who had noticed her Chimney was looking really worn and it was leaking. Upon arrival and after assessing the situation, we discovered the sand and cement render had really bad cracks in it. Not only this, but...


How to look after your skylight

Having a skylight fitted in your property can significantly increase the amount of sunlight that is let into a room, so there's no wonder so many people are choosing to have them installed into their homes. As skylights are installed, after some time problems occur occasionally because of leaks or simply due to poor workmanship...


Cladding in the roofing industry

As we have been in the roofing industry for many many years, we have become highly skilled at installing cladding. In our area of expertise, cladding is basically installing another layer of protection onto the exterior of a property. The cladding is typically made up from a combination of aluminium, plastic and other metal types,...


An insight into torch on roofing

Torch on roofing materials have become a really popular choice when re-roofing flat roofs in the UK in recent years. This increase in use of torch on materials, may be due to the fact that the method is easy to fit yourself and it is extremely durable. Across the country, you will notice the majority...


Why slate roofs are still a very popular choice

Across the UK, we see slate roofs all over the place, but there is a lot of competition out there in the roofing market. The competitors include: Stone Roofing 20-20 Interlocking Tiles Clay Plain Tiles And many many more. However, despite these new roofing materials being introduced, slate is still a very popular choice for...


An explanation into Bargeboards

Bargeboards (like the one displayed on the picture to the right) are placed along the edge of a roof, attaching to the gables of a roof. They don't really have a major purpose, like rafters and tiles obviously do, but they do however give the roof a decorative look. You can find bargeboards in a...


We replaced the valley boards, rafters and fascia boards in Sheffield

Last week we were called out to a client in Norton Lees, Sheffield. When we arrived to assess the roof, we were shocked at the amount of rot that had occured on the valley boards, rafters and fascias (as you can see from the picture to the right). Our plan of action to get the...


How to clean your own gutters

Guttering systems are not thought about much until something happens to go wrong with them. When these problems so occur, such as blockages and leaks, it is sometimes a costly repair. However, with a little gutter maintenance you could save yourself a load of money. There are many roofing contractors and guttering experts out there,...


The importance of pointing your house

During the lifetime of a property, the mortar will eventually be eroded away and begin to let water in through the brickwork. This is why repointing a property is crucial. Carrying out these touch ups, will prevent you getting into a mess with leaks and broken bricks. The erosion process that crumbles away the cement...