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We Build and Install Garden Gezebos!

Building and Installing Bespoke Garden Gazebos

If you’re looking for a garden gazebo then you’re in the right place. Here at Dalton Roofing in Sheffield, we’ve built and installed lots of gazebos for our customers. And in turn, created unique, stylish places to eat, relax and socialise outside, no matter the weather. So, in this blog, we thought’s it’d be a good idea to discuss our garden gazebos: what they are, how we build them and what they can be used for.

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Lightweight and Hard-wearing Garden Gazebos by Dalton Roofing

One of the reasons we started to build garden gazebos for our customers is due to a lack of high-quality, affordable constructions. When we look on the internet we are often faced with a combination of badly designed and ugly builds. You’ll find gazebos that are either too lightweight to withstand wind and rain, or built from materials which simply won’t last long in the UK’s damp climate.

To combat these issues, we started building and installing our own garden gazebos. We make ours out of polycarbonate sheets to ensure a hard-wearing yet lightweight construction. They are free-standing or can be attached to a wall or other out building. And of course, they are roofed and open on all sides. In fact, the sheeting weighs far less than its glass equivalent and provides UV protection too. So, the sheets are not only cheaper and more efficient than glass, but the UV coating stops discolouring in direct sunlight.

All this makes our gazebos perfect for finishing off your outdoor space. They provide perfect shelter from the rain, so your outdoor activities don’t end when the bad weather starts.  And because we build the gazebos to fit you’re your needs, they are adaptable for almost any purposes.

In the video below, you can see Phillip Dalton finishing off a wonderful gazebo to cover a hot tub.

Garden Gazebo FAQ

Garden gazebos can provide the perfect solution to keeping sheltered outside. But to help you make a decision about what kind of installation is right for you we’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions about gazebos.

What is a gazebo?

A gazebo is a pavilion-like structure that’s either free-standing or attached to a garden wall. They are roofed and open on all sides. Although, you can enclose them for additional privacy and warmth. They also come n a variety of shapes to suit just about all garden shapes, including square, hexagonal and rectangular.

Gazebos offer shade from sun and some protection from rain – making them perfect place to rest outdoors. Moreover, a well-constructed gazebo can provide areas with impressive ornamental feature. You’ll often find gazebos in parks, gardens and other public spaces. For instance, a common gazebo is a bandstand.

What are the types of gazebo?

There are many types of gazebo available to you. But these are the three kind of gazebo commonly found in the gardens of homeowners throughout the UK.

  • Free-standing gazebo. This sort of gazebo doesn’t need any kind of support once constructed. They are the most common kind as they are simple to install and generally suitable to most gardens where the ground is appropriate.
  • Lean-to gazebos. This type of gazebo is attached to the outside wall of your house and often covers a back door. They provide cover similar to that of an awning, and are useful for those who wish to enjoy the feeling of being outside while enjoying some cover from the weather.
  • Gazebo tents. These are commonly found at garden parties and outdoors events throughout the UK. They are temporary solutions to shelter from the elements and generally made of some kind of fabric. Due to their ease of transport, lack of structural installation and low cost, they prove to be a useful addition to summer events.

Five reasons to have a garden gazebo installed

There are plenty of reasons to have a gazebo installed in your garden. And these days, more and more people in the UK are having them constructed. Here is a list of five popular reasons to have one installed.

Garden parties

Everyone loves to throw a garden party. When the sun is out the first thing we want to do fire up the BBQ for friends or family. But when the sun gets too much, or goes in completely, a garden gazebo lets you carry on the party late into the night.

Hot tub

It’s all very well installing a hot tub in your garden but without some shelter you can soon feel a little exposed. But by constructing a gazebo you can customise the area to suit your needs. For instance, add some side panels, install fairy lights and introduce some plants to create a cosy hot tub den.


Gazebos provide the ideal outdoor eating experience. Whether you want to spend those long summer nights with friends, family or alone, there really is no better location to eat your meal.  And if you install a log burner then you can stay outside long after the sun has gone down.

Temporary greenhouse

Not everyone has the room to install a permanent greenhouse in their garden. But a simple solution to this is to use your garden gazebo, especially during the winter months. They can often provide enough shelter to grow cold-season plants or prepare for the spring.

Outdoor cinema

More and more people are taking movie night outdoors these days. And a gazebo in the garden can really finish off the whole event. Not only will they keep the film running by providing shelter from the rain and sun, but they give you a space to cosy up as the night gets chilly.

And there you have our guide to garden gazebos. If you’re thinking of getting one installed in your garden then give the team at Dalton Roofing a call. Remember, we provide free quotes on top of our professional service. Get in touch today.