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Factors to check when carrying out your yearly roof inspection

You will have no doubt seen our previous blog posts on roof inspections, and how important they are. Now we want to explain the most vital elements you should be checking during these yearly inspections.

A good place to start is the guttering. It is very common for gutters to become blocked over long periods of time due to fallen leaves and general debris. You really ought to clear away any blockages as faulty gutter systems can create problems such as structural damage to the property and leaks. There are gutter leaf guards available from most shops, which are ideal if you live in a property surrounded by trees and this should reduce the amount of gutter maintenance needed.

The next element we advise to look at is the roofing tiles and slates. If you come across any broken or cracked tiles, it is crucial that you replace them as soon as possible. When cracked tiles are not replaced, rain water can easily seep through the cracks into the property and damage the structure of the roof and building.

Following this, it is best to take a look at the chimney. Take a look at our post “Advice on how to look after your chimney” for more information on how to identify chimney problems and how to go about maintaining them.

The three factors mentioned above are the key areas to check over on a roof inspection, however there are a few other minor elements that need to be checked at some point. If you’re not too keen on performing a roof inspection yourself, our team of Sheffield roofers will be more than happy to help. Call 0114 2799 799 today for a free estimation on your roof inspection!