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Sheffield Downpipe Maintenance and Installation

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Dalton Roofing provides downpipe maintenance and installation for customers in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Downpipes make up an essential element of your guttering. So, any damage to the water drainage system can cause big problems for your property, including damp, mould and structural issues.

Fortunately, Dalton Roofing can help. We’ve got over 30 years of experience in repairing, maintaining and installing gutters and downpipes throughout the Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham and Peak District areas of the UK.

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Downpipes, sometimes called downspouts or drainpipes work as part of your roof guttering systems. The job of a drainpipe is to act as drainage for gutters, carrying rainwater down to the ground through the pipe without splashing or dripping on your property. Drainpipes are essential for keeping your home free of water ingress, damp, mould and condensation issues.

In the video below, Phil Dalton explains how a defective internal downpipe has caused issues on a property in Sheffield. He also offers some handy tips for keeping your drainpipes in top condition.

Common Issues with Guttering and Downpipes

Guttering is a water drainage system that’s attached to a building to effectively carry water from the roof to a drain on the ground. These days, most guttering systems are made of uPVC, although other guttering materials are sometimes used, such as timber or cast iron.

Whatever material you have installed, it’s important to perform regular maintenance on your gutters and downpipes to avoid issues with your property. Here’s a list of some common issues found in guttering systems.

  • Blocked gutters. Gutters can easily become blocked with debris, leaves and other material, particularly during autumn months and high winds. Once rainwater lodges in the gutters, it can result in overflowing water and leaks. Which is why it’s important to maintain your gutters regularly.
  • Sagged gutters. When gutters become blocked the weight can be too heavy for the system to hold, resulting in sagged gutters. This is a particular problem if the brackets are badly fitted or damaged. Sagged gutters can lead to overflowing water and can even risk of falling off completely
  • Leaking Downpipe. Another common issue with guttering is a leaking downpipe. Perhaps a connector between the pipe has broken or part of the pipe has weathered away. Either way, this damage will prevent the safe passage of water to the drain and cause water to splash all over your property and ground below.
  • Inadequate slope. In general, the minimal slop needed for effective drainage for gutters is ¼ inch for every 10ft of gutter. If they aren’t fitted with an adequate gradient, it can prevent water from flowing to the downpipe. This can result in stagnant, overflowing water.

You can read our guide to gutter maintenance for handy advice on looking after your own gutters.

And, you can watch the video below video for some examples of issues caused by damaged and leaking gutters.

There are many issues that can easily occur with gutters and downpipes. Don’t let gutters ruin your property – call Dalton Roofing Today.