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Different Types of Roofing Tiles

You may be in need of a complete re-roof or perhaps you would just prefer something different for your roof. If this is the case, be sure to choose the right tiles for your home. Each various tile has it’s advantages and disadvantages, so do your homework on the tiles and you should have yourself the best tiles possible for your property.

Plain Tiles

Typically, plain tiles are around 265mm x 165mm in size, with only very few varying in size. They are put in place by overlapping other tiles, so it ends up with only a third of the actual tile being visible. Due to the way they are placed, a distinctive detailed appearance is created and they look really tidy. You will also find many different types of plain tiles out there including:

  • Clay Plain Tiles
  • Concrete Plain Tiles
  • Interlocking Plain Tiles
  • And more!

Depending on the amount of money you want to spend, and the look you are going for, this will determine which type of plain tile you will use.


Many properties in the UK tend to use, or already have, slate roofing. Slate is available in different colours, sizes and thickness! So, the slate is practically made to your requirements. Another great benefit of slate is it’s unique appearance and it is very pleasing to the eye. You will also find slate roofs are very durable, have little maintenance, broken slates can be easily replaced and they will generally have long life spans.

Stone Roofing

Stone Roofing is a popular choice particularly in the North of England, due to the tradional properties there. Yorkshire stone roofing is the type of material we work with, and each tile is unique. You will find it an extremely difficult task to discover two stone tiles the same. As each tiles is very different, each roof is different.

It is very rare to have problems with broken tiles when stone roofing is used, this is because they are one of the most durable tiles on the market. Given this amazing durability, they also have one of the longest expected life spans available.


Often called Belgian Pantiles because they arrived here from the Netherlands hundreds of years ago, they have an s-shaped profile which only overlaps with the layer below which creates a beautiful traditional look.  Often used in rural areas there are quite a few different colours and six types of pantile. 

These are just a few of the types of tiles available, but there are many more out there available to use. Our key advice when looking into the type of tile you would like to use, is to simply do some background checks on the benefits and disadvantages of each sort of tile.

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